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About Chef Dae


Chef Dae’s passion has always been food. It started from watching her aunts  (Teonta & Tarshella) cook for family and friends. But it was seeing the way food truly brought people together that ignited her fire for cooking. It made her want to pay attention not only to the way a dish was prepared, but to see how it made people happy. She started experimenting with food and whether it turned out to be good or bad the pure art of trying was what was most important, and kept her going!  Her first job was an ice cream server at Phillips Seafood Restaurant at the Baltimore inner harbor. It was there that she learned how to run a kitchen, often taking advantage of the opportunity to go into the kitchen and ask questions. After that her experience and discipline blossomed, while working in various kitchens learning and studying to become a chef. It’s what molded her structure for her craft.


Dream St. Cuisine Catering was built from her dream to make families, friends, coworkers and just people from all walks of life, come together to EAT, LAUGH , and ENJOY her creative creations.


“A seed can get as big as an elephant, but you can take it beyond the universe!”


- Chef Dae

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